Occupational Health and Safety

HUTMEN LLC is committed to ensuring safe and ergonomic working conditions for all employees. The company effectively exercises its OSH commitments as proved by the absence of occupational diseases and low annual accident rate.

In line with the approved Environmental and Quality Policy, we constantly strive to ensure that all decisions concerning vital matters across all company operations reflect our continuous commitment to improving the safety and comfort of work and preventing near miss accidents involving our staff and visitors.

Striving to attain the highest international standards and meet the growing customer demands we have implemented occupational health and safety management system in compliance with OHSAS 18001 as appropriate to the nature of our activities and the risks involved.

Measures undertaken to improve the occupational safety and ensure healthy work environment for our personnel are aimed to:

  • improve safety culture in the workplace,
  • improve workplace ergonomics,
  • ensure appropriate risk management,
  • reduce work accident rates and occupational diseases by introducing modern technologies and safety solutions,
  • increase personnel awareness and qualifications by providing relevant training opportunities.