Our history


Construction of Metallhüttenwerke Schaefer & Schael – a smelting plant manufacturing bearing alloys, printer’s alloys and bronzes at the present location of Hutmen plant.


Destruction of the plant during World War II. In 1945 a decision was made to rebuild the plant which became operational already in 1946.

1946 – 1949

Expansion of the new plant and its product range with tin-lead solders, foundry bronzes, aluminium alloys and bronze in the form of shafts and sleeves. Launching manufacture of blister copper.  

1950 – 1962

The first stage of expansion works including construction of new production halls: ingots foundry, extrusion mill, drawing mill for tubes, rods and wires, wire drawing mill and copper refinery. Construction of gas extraction system for shaft furnaces crucial for environmental protection. The first extrusion press for tubes and rods was commissioned in 1952 which marked the beginning of the company’s metal forming operations.          

Renaming the plant from Wrocław Metal Pressing Plant and Refinery (Prasownia Metali i Rafineria “Wrocław”) to "HUTMEN" Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgical and Processing Plant (Zakłady Hutniczo-Przetwórcze Metali Nieżelaznych "HUTMEN").

1968 – 1972
The second stage of plant expansion. Construction of new production halls: extrusion and drawing division, vertical continuous brass casting line, dedusting installation, secondary facilities and warehouses.

1973 – 1987
Plant modernization with upgrade of technology and product quality. Launching Electronic Data Processing Centre necessary to support the plant’s management process.

1989 – 1991
Restructuring to increase the plant’s metal forming capabilities. 


March 2nd 1992 – "HUTMEN" Non-Ferrous Metals Metallurgical and Processing Plant (state‑owned enterprise) is converted into HUTMENT S.A. – a joint-stock sole shareholder company of the treasury.

1992 – 1996

Modernization of copper tubes production line to enable manufacture of copper installation tubes. Installation of modern machinery and equipment meeting environmental requirements and guaranteeing high-quality products conforming to global quality standards. Modernization of manufacturing technology for copper busbars as well as brass and bronze wires.


IPO on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Implementation of ISO 9002 Quality Management System. Installation of top blown rotary converter.

2000 – 2004

Further plant restructuring. Implementation of IFS Applications suite – an integrated quality management system for IT management of distribution and finance.

2003 – Impexmetal S.A. acquires a majority stake in Hutmen S.A.

2005 – 2009

Establishment of Hutmen Capital Group together with Walcownia Metali „Dziedzice” S.A. (rolling mill) and HMN “Szopienice” S.A. (non-ferrous metal works), with Hutmen as the main shareholder. Further restructuring operations – transferring production of brass products to WM “Dziedzice” S.A..  

2010 – present

Start of the restructuring process in Hutmen S.A. and in Hutmen Capital Group. Currently Hutmen Capital Group is comprised of Hutmen S.A., WM Dziedzice S.A. and MBO-Hutmen j.v. Sp. z o.o.

2017 – Boryszew S.A. and the subsidiaries of Boryszew Capital Group are the sole shareholder in Hutmen S.A.